Compress iUV-1200s

Industrial LED UV Printer

DUAL LAMP / LED UV / >3002fph / ECO INKS

The iUV1200s flatbed LED UV printer offers many great features and value not offered by others in the industry.

With a wider print width of 1150mm and a media height thickness of 300mm, the iUV1200s LED UV printer is truly a “game changing” UV printing solution. In addition, the iUV1200s LED UV printer is packed with 14 industry leading features including dual third generation LED UV lamp arrays with liquid cooling system, Uni and Bi directional printing increasing output up to 8 times more than comparable brands, WIMS (White Ink Management System) for automated ink re-circulation and filtration. The iUV1200s LED UV printer is a remarkable UV printer for anyone requiring high quality UV printing to virtually any substrate in the industrial branding market.

Maximum print area of 1137 x 750mm and a media height of 300mm the iUV1200s LED UV pinter is the perfect addition for industrial decoration applications and signage. Optional vacuum tables and the ability to take substrates up to 40kg opens a range of new opportunities.

Ideal Applications

The iUV1200s flatbed LED UV printer can print to virtually any substrate and was developed for use in promotional, signage and industrial decoration market segments. This includes acrylics, glass, plastic, ceramics, wood, metals, leather, bottles and cylindrical products and other substrates not mentioned.

One Pass white ink flood and overprint

Print colorful, bright images on transparent and colored substrates with white ink as a flood coating or overprint without slowing print speed.

IQ Interweave onboard

Eliminate banding – a unique interweave allows less banding at lower resolutions. A new science in interweave printing.

Roll/Sheet Capable

An optional roll media device allows paper, plastic and films – even light cardboard to be printed in max widths of 1130mm x 220mmO/D (76/30mm inner core. Non powered).

Bottle Jig

An optional production oriented 2/4 up bottle jig snaps into place using a simple magnetic locator.

Vacuum Bed

An optional vacuum bed for film, paper and light weight substrates is easily added to the iUV Series printers.



  • Six independent color channels
  • 1137 x 750mm print area with 300mm media height
  • Optional unwind/rewind for roll media
  • WIMS white ink management onboard
  • All steel construction
  • Dual LED variable watt low heat lamps
  • Inbuilt media height detection
  • Ink mist extraction


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