GoTx® 192FX / 190FX / 260FX

GoTx® 192FX / 190FX / 260FX

The GoTx® 192FX / 190FX / 260FX are powerful fixing units for pigment inks. Designed to work with GoTx® 2190/2260 printers for perfect productivity or offline for increased productivity.

GoTx® 192FX / 190FX / 260FX

Using quad zone heating element plates below and above the media horizontally where the fabric does not touch during cure. For consistency, we do not use IR heat lamps to avoid cold curing areas in the media. Fixing on a horizontal path provides better control and avoids smoke, steam or oil that can creep through the media = ghost-free images.


Featured Products

  • GoTx® Locking Modules are designed for uninterrupted production and media is NOT touched during the transfer locking process
  • Output up to 60 m2 per hour, with variable upper and lower radial axial fans for steam removal
  • Does not require air cleaner

Application Possibilities

If your market is for flags, banners, soft signs, fashion, swimsuits, garment making, crafts or soft furniture, our advanced ink, fabric feed and print heads will make production “easy” and everything at a very affordable price.


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