GoTx® 190PT (Roll to Roll Pretreatment)

GoTx® 190PT (Roll to Roll Pretreatment)

Precise and uniform pretreatment of fabrics for pigment inks is essential to provide an additional color gamut and wash fastness. The GoTx® Pretreatment Module was designed to do more than just wet cloth. A rotational dosing liquid drum places the correct amount of pretreatment solution on the top surface of the fabric without the bottom getting wet (depends on the weight of the fabric). This results in the cloth hand and weight not changing in production.

A four-zone horizontal fixing unit dries the fabric in-line so it is ready to print directly from the GoTx® pretreatment machine. Accurate dosing of liquids without misting equals less pretreatment required in the process.

GoTx® 190PT Roll to Roll Pretreatment

Designed to work in line with the GoTx® 2190/4190 Printer Series or any brand of direct web printer.


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  • 20-80m2 / h of production
  • Rotational dosing liquid drum
  • Built-in drying station
  • 1.9 meters wide


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