Textile Printers

The GoTx® Textile Printer Series was designed for mass uninterrupted decoration of a variety of textiles with pigment ink, reactive dyes, or sublimation. Prints directly on two-way and static stretch fabric. Our media feed system is a proprietary process that offers minimal web displacement and full roll feeding accuracy without the need for adhesive blanket systems. In addition, the GoTx® system is available with horizontal fixing equipment and an optional pretreatment station to complete any process requirement.

Textile Printers

The GoTx® 4190 is powered by four (4) Epson DX7 print heads staggered to a width of 1900 mm. The 1900mm wide GoTx®2190 and 2600mm wide GoTx®2260 have 2 staggered print heads.

With drop sizes of 4.5 to 45 pcl and typical production speed of 60-120 m2 / h. Available settings are dual CMYKs for higher speed production or for an 8 color augmented gamut range, for example adding red, orange, purple and green. The GoTx® is flexible, as one machine can run a wide range of inks: reactive, pigment, and sublimation ink sets that have passed internal certification tests for printhead reliability and jet performance.

Textile Printer


Smart features

  • The degassed pressurized ink supply system ensures correct ink supply to the nozzle plates for uninterrupted printing with a massive variable drop of 45.3 dots for extreme penetration on thicker fabrics.
  • For lighter fabrics with a greater need for color and image quality, our printer's firmware supports a minimum drop size of only 4.5pcl.
  • Optional horizontal fixing module.
  • In-line antistatic power supply, for high speed polyester printing.
  • 2 or 4 x staggered DX7 heads.
  • Configurable ink and head systems are at the core of the GoTx® printer range.
  • Recognized patented media management system. Allows all common fabrics including compatibility with 2-way stretch knit fabrics
  • This is a massive savings in equipment and human energy costs compared to adhesive blanket machines.

Feeding and collection system

Our patented feeding and picking system offers precise control of tissue tension. The fabric will not stretch, tilt or wrinkle excessively during the transfer process.

ROTO-tract© Registration System

A constant pull roller system ensures that fabrics are in constant alignment with minimal material displacement during printing. Registration is the key advantage. 1900mm extended paper width with 300mm O / D roll> 80kg. There is less "wandering" and fabrics stay level, reducing headaches along the entire print path.

Online waste ink collection system

Our ink troughs can easily handle ultra-fine fabrics and penetrate, as excessive ink droplets passing through the fabric are uniformly collected by the residual ink trough. Simple cleaning at the end of production is the only cleaning required and the ink gutters are removable for cleaning outside the machine area.


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