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DTG PTM (T-shirt Pretreatment)

DTG PTM (T-shirt Pretreatment)

The DTG Digital-PTM is the answer to perfectly pre-treating every shirt, every time. Pre-treating shirts normally involves an HVLP hand sprayer and a learned technique. This means it's a challenge to train new employees or ask help from others involved in your business. The new PTM by DTG Digital allows anyone to pre-treat a shirt. Just set the amount of pre-treat you need, put the shirt in and push a button. That's it. Start pre-treating faster, better and more accurate with the DTG-PTM Automatic Pre-treat Machine.

The design of the DTG-PTM pre-treater had you in mind. Built to handle the robust needs of a shop that is printing all day. All metal coated with ACF-50 anti corrosion film for year on year dependability. A unique dual spray nozzle system delivers precision surface coating. A breeze to clean and maintain with an integrated semi automated cleaning function. The PTM encapsulates the shirt entirely, so there is no misting of pretreat into the print room and sits on a table similar to the size most garment printers use.



  • Maximum pretreatment area: 19" x 15.5" (480 x 390mm)
  • Spray cycle time adjustable from 2 to 12 seconds
  • Completely enclosed spray chamber – no misting
  • Rotational shirt platen (load front or side)
  • Adjustable spray length
  • Dual Pretreat tank system allows for machine to hold 2 pretreatments for easy swapping (Light and Dark Pretreat)
  • ACF-50 coated (anti corrosion film)
  • Dual spray nozzles
  • No air compressor or custom electrical wiring


Frontal Loading

T-shirt Pretreatment DTG PTM

Rotational Plate


Adjust and Close

DTG PTM T-shirt Pretreatment

2 x 2Ltr Pre-treat / 1 x 1Ltr Cleaning


Easy access for cleaning and maintenance


DTG PTM dimensions

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