The M2 series machine is designed with a bespoke firmware specifically created for optimal print quality at higher production speeds by adoption of greater ink droplet control and accurate placement on the garment. Simply put, the M2 outputs more without lowering print quality, it’s a better science!

european printer company
european printer company

Print all over T-shirts, hoodies, tea towels, mouse mats, bags, jeans, cloth panels and more. The productivity, flexibility and throughput is limited only by your imagination, therefore creating greater profit opportunities for you. The DTG M2, an industry benchmark that will grow with you!

Better engineered, ink management, brighter prints, faster production, more flexibility and easier to use without the maintenance levels currently experienced in the market, that’s the DTG M2!

european printer company
european printer company
european printer company

Our DTG M2 with its unsurpassed design and advanced ink management system, offers you brighter prints, unsurpassed production speed, versatility of application to a wide range of textile products and its simplicity of handling results in a reduction of costly maintenance costs. and complex management present in the competition.


M2 Quick Facts

  • Industrial construction: IT'S ROBUST!
  • Patent pending WIMS (White Ink Management System)
  • Precision servo without interruption
  • Custom firmware designed for textile printing
  • Scalable production: print multiple garments at once
  • A new way to print, iQ Interweave, removes banding at all resolutions
  • 604 x 450 mm (24 "x 17.7") print area
  • Print more than 50 large graphics on white / light garments and more than 25 large graphics in shadows per hour.
  • One pass enabled "One Pass", dramatically increase your production
  • 46 pcl ink drop size scalable through all resolutions
  • Intelligent integrated RIP software with patented white underfoot tools
  • Consistent repeatable prints, day after day
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