DTG Digital™ Q1 Hybrid

The Q1 Hybrid Series printer sets a new benchmark in desktop DTG printer performance. Print more garments per hour with dual print heads that deliver faster print speeds. Expand the range of items you can decorate using both DTG and DTF technology in a single print platform. Simple switch feature from DTG to DTF transfers for true application versatility.


Digital Q1 Hybrid Quick Facts

  • Up to 50 dark garments per hour in production mode and 75 light shirts
  • QLVP patented (quick load vacuum platens)
  • New formula EDTG series inks designed for longer print head life
  • User replaceable bulk 1.0Liter ink packs
  • Reverse firmware for transfer prints inbuilt
  • Easy to set-up and designed for industrial use
  • Dual trailing staggered head array
  • Linear motion guide carriage with auto height adjustment
  • Heavy duty 2 stage ink mist extraction
  • Advanced auto head and cap cleaning systems
  • Patented white ink recirculation/white ink flush through on demand system A.I.R®
  • Two year warranty first year including print heads


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